Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pit and Peak: week of 9.2.13

Ugh, I've hardly posted this week. I've just been so sick that I haven't even had the desire/energy to blog about anything - and blogging is always fun for me, that was a serious problem! Anyways, I am feeling a lotttt better now, so I should have some things to share this week :) But first, the pit and peak of this past week:

Pit: The pit of this week BY FAR was being sick and icky. I even took a day off work for it (a pretty big deal for me because I hate admitting that I am sick. It takes a lot to make me take a break!). I hate just having absolutely no energy and feeling terrible. THE WORST.

Peak: The peak of my week was...GETTING A NEW JOB! Okay, I've been keeping this on the DL, but I've been so unfulfilled at my current position. Idk, I am just so used to being mentally challenged all the time at college and my current job was just not mentally doing it for me. I interviewed while sick and managed to land the position, and I gave my 2 weeks' notice on Friday. Very excited to begin this new role in the advertising industry! I think this will be a muchhh better fit! Also close seconds to this peak: making up with my best friend and moving into my new apartment!

My furniture is supposed to come to my new place this Wednesday. Yes, I am taking a personal day off my current job so I can be there to move in the stuff and get building (hayy Ikea furniture!). Very excited to get everything officially settled.

<3, Charlotte

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sick in the city

I'm officially sick. I cannot believe I am admitting this - I never get sick! I am that person who thinks that if they wake up with a sore throat, it will be cured with an extra hour of sleep. That person who thinks that Sudafed and some relaxing time will cure a stuffy nose. Really, mental toughness does a lot to affect the extent of your illness - if you are feeling bad, thinking you feel absolutely terrible will make you feel worse than if you keep thinking that you are okay. In my experience at least, that has worked.
But I will fully admit now that I am under the weather. It was probably this past weekend with my friend visiting from out of town and my best guy friends moving into NYC. I ran myself down when I should have been resting.

And now I'm paying for that lack of good judgement.

While being sick is rough, taking a sick day off of work has been quite enjoyable. I got to sleep in, I've been watching TV, and I just ordered a pizza ALL TO MYSELF for lunch/dinner! Life is good.

Here are some of my sick day essentials:
  • TV: This should be self-explanatory. What would a sick person do without watching TV all day? I seriously don't understand how people in the 1800's and early 1900's did sick days. That would ACTUALLY be miserable. And I think it would make your sickness worse because you would have nothing to do but think about how awful you feel!
  • Sudafed/Advil: Per what I said earlier, no matter how you're feeling, there is some over-the-counter drug (for lack of better word, maybe "medicine" would be more suitable for this situation) that can help make it feel better. Right now I've been continuously feeding myself Sudafed non-stop because my nose literally feels non-existent at the moment.
  • Comfy clothes: I'm currently rocking this over-sized t-shirt. It is so comfortable and was just washed so it smells GREAT! Good smells and comfortable clothes always put me in a better mood :)
  • Soup: I have a can that I ate a little earlier - chicken noodle is the clear choice when you're feeling under the weather. Not sure what about it, everyone always suggests that when you're sick and it actually kinda works! Probably the protein and clear broth or something (I could be totally wrong with that, by no means am I a food expert).
  • Laptop/iPad/etc: Because we all obviously cannot just watch TV without any other form of entertainment! Seriously what is happening to the world? Obviously I'm on my laptop or iPhone when I'm watching TV a lot of the time (I would be on my iPad instead. If I had one...)

That's all I can think of at the moment. I'm pretty simple when I'm sick.

What do you like to have with you on your sick day?!

<3, Charlotte

Monday, September 2, 2013

Looking forward to fall!

A lot of people are very upset about summer being officially over. Apparently everyone considers Labor Day to be the unofficial end of the season. While I am also sad about this, I thought I should write a post about the things I am looking forward to for my first fall/winter in NYC! There are so many parts that I love about September-December - I want to focus on that instead of the fact that my swim suits will probably not see the light of day for the next 8 months (moment of silence for that, please). And there are other things that are happening right now that I am excited about, too!

  • My adult swim team is starting tomorrow. I started swimming with the team during last season, but we just had a 2 week break while they cleaned the pool. Now this season is starting up again tomorrow night and I cannot wait to FINALLY get back into shape. AND to compete at meets!
  • Moving into and decorating my new apartment. I've talked about how I am currently living in the building of my next place, but we are moving to the unit exactly 5 floors below us. In a week we will be all done with that and will just have to put the finishing touches on decorating and such! Very excited for this headache to be over (and to not have to be sleeping on a blowup mattress every night).
  • Football season! I. LOVE. FOOTBALL. I know a lot of people like college football, which I do too, but my college team WAS AWFUL, so I gravitate more to the NFL. Football is my favorite sport, and I am excited for my first season as a New York Giants fan! Though the Chicago Bears will always hold a special place in my heart, I gotta get with this NYC sports camaraderie!
  • Seeing what is going to happen with this guy...I've been hanging out/talking with this guy for a little bit now. He's so awesome (I've written about him before) and I am excited to see what happens with us! Still not looking for anything super serious at this point in my life, but it will be fun to just hang out and get to know each other better :) Big smiley face for that one!
  • Halloween. It will be my first Halloween in NYC!! I've had some costume problems in the past (ie - I put on a teal dress with a black belt and called myself a crayon) but this season I want to be so much better and go all out with my costumes! Ahh I need to start looking into different parties at clubs and bars and such to see how my friends and I will celebrate this crazy fun day/weekend.
  • TV shows resuming. Now that I have a TV again, I am really looking forward to some of my favorite shows starting up again! The shows I keep up on are Parks and Rec (actually watching a marathon of it right now that's on this FXX channel I just discovered), Modern Family, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Workaholics. But now I will probably be watching a lot more shows because one of my roommates works in TV production. 
  • Fall fashion. I love fall and winter fashion. The coats are so cute, and a great pair of skinny jeans makes me incredibly happy. All the fashion trends are great for this coming season, and I can't wait for the weather to change so we can all take full advantage!
  • Holidays in NYC. Saved the best for last - SPENDING THE HOLIDAY SEASON IN NEW YORK CITY! This is probably going to be one of my favorite things about living here. I'm already planning going to the Rockefeller Center tree early in the morning to beat the tourists. And OBVI I'm going to participate in SantaCon (been counting down the days to that since I saw all the pics of it last year). It's going to be awesome!
So beautiful! What's not  to love about this?!
So, if you're really sad about summer being over, I am definitely with you on that one. But just think of all the fun that's to come! I'm so excited for the last part of 2013 :)

<3, Charlotte

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pit and Peak: week of 8.26.13

Ahhhh okay I haven't posted in FOREVER - this weekend has been crazy! But I have a lot to write about for the next few days so WOO! I like JUST remembered that I had to pay my rent so I scrambled out of bed to set up that account since it's my first time paying it in this building. I thought that I might as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone and post my pit and peak right now, too! (Sidenote: I usually like to do this on Sundays but I haven't had any time today because I've been trying hard to entertain my friend who is in from out of town.)

Without further adieu, here's my pit and peak for this past week!

Pit: The pit of my week is probably the fact that I am not so happy with my "best friend" right now (the air quotes are there for a reason). He has ditched me TWICE 2 weeks ago, and we didn't talk at all last week. Our last conversation was him ditching me for the second time. UGH, I thought girls were supposed to be the dramatic ones! He hasn't even apologized or anything for it. Or made any effort to talk to me about it because he knows I was upset. And I am not reaching out to him first. Very disappointed. I am pretty sad about that.

Peak: The peak of my week was hanging out with my best friends that have finallyyyyy all moved here (And my friend that's visiting is in that group too)! Oh my goodness this past weekend was so so SO much fun being partially reunited. It was a crazy weekend and I am so sad that it is over. More fun times to come for sure though now that all the NYC crew is here! :) We did some things that I def need to post about because I had no idea those things excited in this city. A very fun weekend with some of my favorite people. Really doesn't get any better than that.

Okay, I will be so much better at posting starting tomorrow - so many cool NYC things to write about! Hope everyone gets to sleep in tomorrow in honor of Labor Day. I need this break so bad and am going to try to take full advantage of the laziness it encourages :)

(PS - I promise I will respond to comments I got this weekend tomorrow! You guys are the best.)

<3, Charlotte