Friday, May 31, 2013

UPDATE: I move to NYC tomorrow!!

I have realized that my last 3 posts have been incredibly emo, and for that I am incredibly sorry!! I am a very happy person, but this is the biggest life change I have ever made, so I have needed to vent a little during the adjustment process.

But now that that is over and everything has been taken care of, I AM MOVING TO NEW YORK CITY TOMORROW! Omg omg omg omg omg! It feels absolutely amazing to say that in 24 hours I will reside in NYC. Aside from the fact that I will be taking my huge luggage, which I am hoping will be under 50 pounds, and dragging it around the city to my apartment, everything should be smooth sailing! (Sidenote: I may just take a cab from LaGuardia Airport to my apartment because even just talking about that sounds like a HUGE PAIN. Whateva, I'll worry about that when it happens!)

LITERALLY how I feel right now :)
I just wanted to thank you, my 42 followers, who have joined me already before I arrive at the Big Apple! I promise, the stories will get MUCH better from here on out! I plan on going on a lot of summer adventures and trying so many new things in this place of incredible opportunity. And I will do my best to inform you of different things that happen to me as an entry-level employee! (without jeopardizing the confidentiality agreement I have with my agency, of course)

OH EM GEE THIS IS SO EXCITING - New York, here I come! I hope you're ready for me...

Talk to you from NEW YORK CITY!

<3, Charlotte

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Can there ever REALLY be too many cooks in the kitchen?

I have a slight problem: I can't cook for shit. I'm being completely serious, unless it's toast or can go in the microwave, I'm screwed. I've started following some cooking blogs, but anytime raw ingredients are involved in anything, I get totally intimidated! I've never made rice (though I CAN make pasta!), baked anything (that didn't come in a tube where you just lay the dough on a pan and somehow magically make cookies!), and forget about cooking ANY kind of meat (though I do know how to grill, I was part of a grilling club in college). Even my guy friends know how to cook chicken with flavoring and grill vegetables or saute things! This issue NEEDS to be resolved!

*sigh* if only...
Where do I even start? I have tried to look at recipes but everything requires so many small things that I don't have lying around. Do I just buy a bunch of basic cooking supplies and ingredients and store them until I need them? Apparently olive oil is something that is amazing on lots of things - maybe I should buy that to always have and put it on everything...

YIKES, how can I be a real person if I have no idea how to feed myself? AND, no guy wants a woman who doesn't know how to cook. I'm going to be alone forever!

I have a feeling I am going to be forced to survive on takeout, by myself, for the rest of my life.

How lovely!

<3, Charlotte

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eurotrip Shmurotrip

So a lot of my friends are going on trips around Europe right now, or around Asia, and I am conflicted as to how I feel about not going on one. Of course, this could all just be because one of my friends is updating his photostream AS WE SPEAK, and I am seeing pictures of everyone frolicking around Paris having an amazing time. AND I keep seeing their Vines on my feed. While I am stuck doing my vehicle emissions test and packing up my room in Chicago, they are backpacking to places I can only dream of seeing one day!

I had the opportunity to go, but I chose not to because I wanted to start my career ASAP. Thinking back on that decision, it sounds absolutely psychotic! Why would anyone choose to skip a trip to Europe to begin the rest of their life, something they will be stuck with forever?

Because I've been dreaming about this life since I was 15.

I honestly cannot wait for Saturday! This industry, this company, New York City, I WANT IT! I can go to Europe at any time, but this opportunity that I have been given does not come around often. I am so ready and excited for the rest of my life to begin!

T-3 days...or is it 2?

Ugh, I never know how to do countdowns.

<3, Charlotte

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Over my head, Out of my mind, Overwhelmed

Shit just got real. Like, it's officially starting to set in. I was going over different things with my dad that he wants to help me with slash double-check before my big move. And it's insane. I am going over 401k's and pension plans and non-compete clauses and new banks and credit cards and rewards programs and it is making me just want to curl up in a big ball and stay there for forever. On Saturday, I am becoming a real person.

How am I going to do this?

I need a system of organization. And NOT like my senior year of college organization where I had ZERO folders and just threw all my papers in my backpack and found them when I needed them (not a complete disaster if I do say so myself, but not a system I plan on continuing in the future).

This makes me laugh, so at least I still have that ability at this time. (Credit to for this awesomeness!)
I need a plan. And not just any plan. It needs to be the most organized, anal, OCD plan that anyone has ever seen in their lives. My savings, work documents that I can refer to, different things I need to have for everyday life. The wheels are turning, car is in motion, and I need to figure out how I am going to get the car to where it needs to be. (WOAH, cheesy metaphor alert, sorry about that!)

But really, I am getting my life together STAT. Hopefully this organization system will be in place by tomorrow. My life will be lined up and ready to go...if I don't have an anxiety attack before that happens.


<3, Charlotte

Working out the workout

If I looked this cool while running we wouldn't be having this problem!
I've officially failed way too many times at this.

Working out.

Ugh, even hearing the words makes me wince in pain. Being an ex-swimmer, I have definitely worked out more than one should in a life time. Recently, though, I have realized that when I am not training for something, I lose all motivation. Why? Working out just to work out SUCKS. News flash: no one enjoys sweating a ton and feeling like they are dying just for the heck of it. Sorry, even if you say that you love that "runner's high", I say you're full of shit. (Really, sorry if that is offensive, it's just my own lazy-ass opinion). You look gross, you feel nasty, it's just not a good time for anyone.

There have been countless days when I've been like "Okay, starting tomorrow, I'm going to get in a morning run 4 days a week." At the end of the school year, I was decent at starting and sticking to this. Once I get into a routine, I actually don't mind it. It's just getting to that routine that is difficult. I was going to go run this morning, but I am not feeling that well (classic excuse, I know), and with starting a job in 6 days, I do want to rest up. But now that I am feeling a lot better today, I want to start tomorrow.

Which is why I AM PUTTING THIS IN WRITING. It is officially out in the universe. World, tomorrow morning I am going on a run or to the health club!! (Depending on what the weather allows me to do). Quote me. Push me. Hold me accountable!

Tomorrow. I. Am. Going. To. Go. For. A. Run. And. That. Is. That.

<3, Charlotte

PS: JUST found this link, which totally justifies my laziness for today:

Monday, May 27, 2013

Sweet home Chicago

We made it! DC to Chicago is always a struggle, but this time I slept for a decent amount of the drive. Success!

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="448"] An extreme exaggeration, but this is what my life is right now. YIKES[/caption]

It will be nice to be able to see a few of my friends who are staying in Chicago for their careers, but I also have a lot of cleaning and throwing-away-of-old-clothes to do (my parents are going to sell our house and I need to eliminate a lot of extra crap that I no longer need). I honestly don't know how I have become such a pack-rat, but I am really a simple person and don't need a lot of the clothes that I think I may wear one day. NO. Newsflash: if I haven't seen a piece of clothing  in more than a few weeks, chances are I'll never wear it. This maybe mentality is going to one day lead to me becoming a hoarder - I CANNOT let that happen!!

So that is what these next few days will amount to. Oh, and I need to start working out again. THAT is the first thing I will do tomorrow morning! OY, I'm going to need all the luck I can get.

<3, Charlotte

Sunday, May 26, 2013

UPDATE: Move-in Part 1 = Success!

Today, we officially moved all of my things into my summer apartment! I'm so happy that my parents approved of the place I picked out ALL BY MYSELF. Big girl moment over here!

We drove up to NYC  today, moved everything in, then drove back to DC to end the night. So, there you have it, it is my last night in DC. Right now. I'm feeling so many emotions right now it's unreal. Sadness mixed with excitement mixed with nerves - I'm just trying to take it all in and appreciate the opportunity I have been given (sidenote: the job starts in a week!).

Tomorrow, we are DRIVING back to Chicago from DC. KILL ME NOW. My dad claims it to be 10 hours but bullshit, it's 11 or 12. Ugh, it is going to be rough. Over the course of today and tomorrow, I will have been in the back seat of a car for 20 hours. Yikes, should definitely not have verbalized that!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="512"] Oh, the back seat of a car. Why do I have to spend so much time here?[/caption]

Welp, getting up at 5am tomorrow morning for the drive, so I'm turning in early (of course, not without watching a few episodes of Dexter first, streaming online now - I LOVE HAVING INTERNET AGAIN!).

Wish me luck!

<3, Charlotte

Where should my allegiances lie?

You may be thinking that this post will be about friends or family, or something really meaningful to my career. But it is really about so much more than that.


The teams we align ourselves with tell so much about who we are. For example, the fans who root for the teams that always win - I personally think that this is taking the easy way out. It is the fans that, for some reason or another, have decided that they want to root for a team like the Chicago Cubs, the lovable losers, who are out of the playoffs by 11 games this far into the season. (I use this example because, having grown up in Chicago, I am a die-hard Cubs fan). Enduring the pain of getting their hopes up every year, only to get crushed yet again. The pain of being a fan.

Moving to New York, I am somewhat conflicted as to what sports teams I want to call "my own". I absolutely LOVE Chicago sports. The Bulls, Bears, and Cubs are teams that I will forever love and be happy to have been a part of. But sports also bring people together. If I am living in NYC, I want to be able to unite with my fellow New Yorkers and go nuts for my city! But is it terrible for me to give up all my Chicago teams just because of relocating?

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="344"] He just needs to be my best friend.[/caption]

As of now, I feel like I will root primarily for New York teams (obviously only picking 1, I can't root for 2 football teams or 2 basketball teams!), but Chicago will be my second favorite. Sooooo, I am going to be a Giants fan during football season (sorry Bears, I will always love you). When basketball season comes around, I am going to cheer for the Knicks (although this is going to be REALLY hard. Joakim Noah is my favorite basketball player right now. Seriously. I am SO TORN about this!). And baseball. Honestly, I have never really been a fan of the sport. It is cool though because one of my best friends is going to be working for the Boston Red Sox soon (an UNREAL job, right?! I am so proud!). I feel like that is the team I should ultimately root for - it is great that they have such a strong fan base like the Cubs have. Red Sox fans are so strong and determined to stand by their team. My New York baseball team will be the Yankees, I think. The Mets seem lame, but I do hate being the fan of a team that is always good. WHERE IS THE HEART, PEOPLE?!

I'm not one of those insane sports fans, but I really enjoy the camaraderie that sports provide (after all, I was a swimmer in college for 1 year), and posting up at a sports bar all day and watching games is something that I love to do. For now, the Giants, Knicks, and Yankees are my temporary choices, but who knows? A lot can change when I am adapting to New York life!

<3, Charlotte

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I left my stuff in New York City

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="424"] This is how I feel right now.[/caption]

So tomorrow is part 1 of the big moving day! I am currently in my parents hotel room (SO nice to have the internet back!) and all of the things I am bringing to New York are in our car. We are leaving bright and early in the morning and are moving my stuff into my future apartment! Ahhhh I'm so excited slash INCREDIBLY RELIEVED because everything will be in place for my June 1 move in. I don't think anything is going to happen to my stuff because these roommates actually just left my key with the doorman when I went to check the place out (neither of them were home), so since they trusted me, I think it's safe to trust them.

After we move my stuff in tomorrow, my parents want to walk around the city with me and see what my commute and general living area will be like. Oh em gee it is the best because I will pass Grand Central on the way to work every day, AND I also will walk place that restaurant where Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake go to eat at the end of Friends With Benefits. Sidenote: that was an amazing movie, MUCH better than No Strings Attached in my own non-professional opinion. Anyways, yea I am going to pass through all the touristy stuff every day! I really don't think I will get sick of it - I love New York wayyy too much.

On June 1, I will return to New York to LIVE THERE. Couldn't be happier or more excited!!


<3, Charlotte

Ps: sorry, I think this post is slightly boring. My brain is absolutely FRIED from emptying my DC room all day and I feel like my creativity is at an all time low. NEXT POST WILL BE MUCH MORE EXCITING I PROMISE!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Green is not an attractive color on anyone

We all have it. That one friend that always believes that, no matter what, they are correct. That they have this amazing set of core values and can do no wrong. They also have your back no matter what happens – if there is any altercation between you and anyone, they are 100% there for you, and are willing to get into fights with people they don’t even know if it is your defense. Even if you are fundamentally wrong, they will find a way to make it so you are right. This person is also somehow always slightly better than you at everything. It is almost as though it is a natural order for them to consistently come in first. But what happens when you finally come out on top? How supportive are they then? Are they able to be truly happy for you when you have accomplished something great?

I am encountering this very problem.

One of my “best friend’s”, Chloe (whose name has obviously been changed for this, but in this post and all future ones that is what I will call her), is that very person I just described. She has had my back in many situations, though sometimes more drama has been caused than what was necessary. I always liked that she would be there for me – being from a more aggressive city, and being proud of it, it was nice to have someone that strong by my side. I am more of a kill-them-with-kindness kind of person, so sometimes it was nice to have that aggression in my defense.

I never cared much about grades. In advertising, no one really cares about that bullshit. I don’t care if I understand accounting or finance or everything in my music class. I just wanted to graduate with over a 3.0. Trust me, this was incredibly WEIRD at the college I attended, where everyone hyperventilated over an A-. Chloe was one of those types of people. While I was more than content to get back my B’s, she would go in and cry to professors over her A- paper in an effort to get that A. So, in terms of grades, she was leaps and bounds better than me. But I never minded.

[caption id="attachment_66" align="alignright" width="235"]Friends forever? Friends forever?[/caption]

We took an advertising class together – a class I had my eye on since my admittance to my college. The day before the class began, Chloe was debating if she even wanted to take it, but I convinced her it was a good idea and that it would be a lot of fun. When the first day of class arrived, we needed to elect a student president to lead us during the entire course. I undoubtedly ran for that position. I mean, this class was one of the main reasons I chose this school, leading it would be an amazing experience for me. Chloe also decided to run for president, clearly for the leadership role it would allow her to write on her resume. Not only did she get the presidency, I was not elected to ANY board position to lead, and there were 5 of them. Talk about a soul-crushing experience. While it was difficult for me to deal with at first, I sucked it up and did the class. I was supportive of Chloe and her leadership and never let that wane out.

Chloe also got a job before me. I was so happy for her (mainly for 2 reasons, 1- any time anyone in the advertising/PR industry got a job at that point, it gave me hope; and 2- I knew we weren’t competing for any of the same positions that I was applying to). She got a healthcare PR gig. Not the most exciting thing in the world, but healthcare is a great base for all future endeavors because of all the regulations that come with that industry. Anyways, we had a great time celebrating, and I was excited (I knew that I had some big opportunities arriving in the future and I was excited to celebrate my employment in the same way).

When I found out that I made it past the preliminary interview for the job I am starting in a week and a half, I was ECSTATIC. This company is beyond huge, and the account I was interviewing for was so exciting. I felt like I needed someone to pinch me to wake me up. When I shared the news with Chloe at lunch one day, she was un-amused. She hardly asked any questions, and the one-sided conversation about the position was over in less than 2 minutes. It was one of the most disappointing things I had ever experienced in my life. I was so genuinely excited for her when she got her job. Buying drinks, telling everyone around me, tweeting a huge congrats message, didn’t I deserve the same excitement?

[caption id="attachment_70" align="alignleft" width="211"]Will things ever be the same again? Will things ever be the same again?[/caption]

I stopped talking to Chloe about the second-round interviews I had for the position. She would ask me via text how everything was going in attempts to be supportive, and I would reply, but no response would come through on her end. And when I got the job, all I got was a text, “Congrats”.

Who knew silence could speak so loud? We didn’t go through the same celebration for my employment. No fun girls night with our close group, no celebratory tweets, no big announcements to those around us when we all went out that weekend. Now that I had something better than her, it was as though this giant green monster had overtaken Chloe, and it appeared as though there was no sign of it leaving.

The giant elephant is still in the room. Chloe and I are still close, but now there is something there that I cannot just put out of my mind. As long as she comes out on top, Chloe is 100000% supportive of me like a true friend. However, when I am given an amazing opportunity, when my hard work finally pays off, when I get something that is so much better than what she has, she shuts everything down. Is that a true friend? A friend worth having?

I’m not sure what the answer is. But jealously is an ugly thing. Letting it show could be the greatest fault a person can have. I honestly don’t know what is going to happen to us when we move to New York.

<3, Charlotte


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="691"] SO HOT OMG[/caption]

So with my self-imposed 2 week ban on alcohol (STILL in serious recovery mode from senior week) and very limited internet access, I am resorting to watching DVDs on my computer before I go to sleep. This would be a much better problem if I actually had some DVDs. Luckily, my friend let me borrow his entire series of Dexter. I had never watched the show, but I had heard of its popularity, and when I put it on the main actor (Michael C. Hall) is HOTTTT so I figured I would give it a shot.

Aside from the fact that the first disc of this pirated collection was NOT the beginning of the series, after I caught myself up on what was happening, I became hooked. I think that's kinda obvious at this point, seeming that it is 3:15 am and I am still up watching it. But YIKES, what a messed up plot line - a man who kills bad people and then solves murder mysteries for his day job? DISTURBING.

But he is gorgeous, so I'll let this weird lifestyle slide. Just this one time.

<3, Charlotte

Packing, packing, packing

I am now being forced to write this with SEVERELY LIMITED internet access, since the internet in my house has been officially shut down in preparation of us all moving out. I am basically bootlegging the little bit of access I get from the campus wifi that is able to get to me. I feel like it's the early 2000's again.

Unfortunately, this image cannot help me in this situation.
Anywaysssss, the past few days have consisted of me packing my entire year, and in some instances my college career, away. And let me tell you – I have a lot of shit! I anticipated having about 5 garbage bags in total to bring to New York with me, but that is now not the case. I find myself with 2 suitcases and 7 garbage bags. I’m not sure if that is too much for just the summer, but I have already sent 8 bags home with my parents. Seriously. I have way too much crap.

Packing my life away. It sure seems like that during this very moment in time. Pictures of friends ranging from high school to those I just met senior year. Gifts from friends I have not talked to since freshman year, and from those I just met a year ago. School t-shirts from all types of occasions to the few business clothes I have managed to acquire at this point in time. I really have no excuse to ever use the phrase “I have NOTHING to wear!” EVER again!

Though all of my college years were very different (I went from being a serious D1 athlete freshman year to ending as a senior who goes out 7 nights a week), I wouldn't do anything differently. I don’t believe in regrets. Why waste time being upset about things that have happened in the past? I like to think of everything that has happened as being experiences that have helped make me who I am today. And for who I have become, I am appreciative of it all.

Here's to no regrets. And to embracing everything that life throws your way.

<3, Charlotte

Monday, May 20, 2013

No longer a hobo!

I HAVE OFFICIALLY FOUND AN APARTMENT! I am proud to announce that I will be living in Murray Hill for 3 months this summer. It is the biggest relief ever. And I have never had my own set of walls in NYC before, so I'm totally excited.

Some things I learned from my Craigslist search:

  1. There are actually a lot of normal people that use Craigslist. You have to correspond a few times and see how they talk via email, but it is pretty easy to tell who is going to be normal and who is going to be a weirdo!

  2. Time frame is EVERYTHING. A few times, I went to apartments that wanted a year lease, and I told them I only wanted to commit to 3 months at the moment, but I would be more than happy to extend it if everything works out. NEWSFLASH: no one wants to do this process more than they have to! If you don't match with their time frame, don't even bother.

  3. It is impossible to hit everything on your list of apartment criteria. Though I did get a lot of the things I wanted (neighborhood, safety, time frame, building perks, [kind of] price range), I do with my roommates were cooler. I was debating between this apartment and one with an AWESOME roommate, and the apartment itself was nicer than the one I decided to take. However, this building is much nicer in general with a doorman and laundry in the basement. And it happens to be closer to my job which is good.

  4. Your introductory email is incredibly important and needs to be amazeballs. This is the first impression people get of you. If you come off like a boring stiff or essentially say nothing, you’re going to get no traction. Once I fixed my introduction email and included my a link to my Instagram account, I got so many more responses, and people already had me on high priority without even meeting me!

So, yea, I learned a lot from this experience. Hopefully when me and my friend look for apartments in a few months we can use some of this knowledge and get a KICK ASS place!

<3, Charlotte


Welp, I can officially say that I did it. I have graduated from college. Saturday was a surreal day. Since I can remember, I have known that my class was the college class of 2013. But when you’re in third grade and it’s 2001, you never really believe that 2013 will actually come. Sitting with my class and listening to the dean talk about what a momentous occasion this was in our lives, everything started to hit me. I was graduating in a business school class of 300, and many of those 300 students were my friends. We were all moving onto the next part of our lives together.

I wasn’t expecting to be overwhelmed with emotion, and I had to fight back tears several times before getting my diploma (well, the fake diploma they give you when you cross the stage and shake all the important peoples’ hands. I feel like that is a deceitful formality!). Sidenote: what is up with the graduation hoods? They just look dumb and no one knows how to wear them. Awksauce.

Getting my "diploma"!
My high school graduation was very formal and strict. My class was a little under 1200 kids so it is understandable why it had to be that way. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this graduation was much more relaxed. I had gotten these cool, bright orange shutter shades from my friend before the graduation, but I was too scared to walk out wearing them. (My friends who gave them to me said they were going to, but I knew they would chicken out anyways) Once I got that “diploma” in my hands and sat down, I became so relieved, I immediately put the shades on and kept them on for the rest of the ceremony. The school photographer even took a picture of me and all my orange glory while we were all seated listening to the final remarks. I definitely ended my college career in a very good mood.

So, yes, though the day was very sad and unbelievable, I found a way to make light of it. And no, I don’t plan on looking at my grades from this past semester. They were probably a disaster and, after all, I graduated, and that is all that matters!

<3, Charlotte

Monday, May 13, 2013

Senior Week

So, this final week at school has been designated as "Senior Week". In other words, the school has set up a bunch of events for us to get drunk at. Though I am very excited to graduate and be in New York (I'm sooooo sick of DC), it's times like this that make me realize how much I'm going to miss this place. 2 nights ago, I had my first senior week cry - I was overcome with emotion when I realized that in a week me and my friends would not be able to hang out and shoot the shit together all the time. SAP ALERT.

What a horrible pour! Still looks cool though.
Biggest accomplishment of senior week so far has been the champagne brunch that was held in our dining hall yesterday. We were each only given 2 drink tickets, but somehow I managed to acquire about 15 throughout the 2 hour event. IT WAS AMAZING. The last time I ever left the dining hall and I don't even remember doing it. After brunch, me and some of my friends participated in this thing called the "Big Hunt", a scavenger hunt spanning all of DC. We ended up just drinking all over the city and accomplished none of the tasks. #winning

As for the apartment search, I don't think the one I went up to go see is going to work out, and I wasn't getting very many bites on my Craigslist emails I would send. So, I re-vamped my introductory "hello" email, and now things are going pretty well! People like looking at my Instagram pics (I put the link to it in the email), so HOPEFULLY I will have something soon.

Well, off to get drunk at more school-sponsored events! C U l8R!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The apartment search continues...

Okay, so some of this Craigslist stuff is not as weird as I thought. Although I have run into a few of the "please scan and send me a picture of your ID so I can prepare the agreement" requests after my first email to the listing. That combined with the email being in barely-conceivable English is top-notch sketchball alert. Anyway, I have found a place I REALLY like and am going to check it out tomorrow (which also means I will be in NYC - YAY!). The girl renting it out went to the same college as me, so I feel like we will get along great. And I really want to live in Stuyvesant Town, and that is where this happens to be!

I've also tried, which seems like it would be amazing, but if you actually want to interact with anyone you have to subscribe and pay at least $20 depending on what kind of access you want. I'm really starting to personally encounter that expression "no such thing as a free lunch". SPOILER ALERT: IT SUCKS.

On a completely different note, I have 2 close friends that are moving to NYC about a month after I start my job, and they really want us 3 to live together. It's an idea I would be entirely for, except I really just don't want to move twice in one month, and be starting a new job, and be still adjusting to New York in general. I feel bad, they really want me to, and it would be great, but personally I just can't do that. And housing is supposed to be completely about you and what you're comfortable with. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise!

If this is my experience tomorrow, I just might lose it.

Hopefully after tomorrow I'll have some exciting apartment news to report!

Until then,


Monday, May 6, 2013

Offer Official!

Today, I am happy to announce that I received my official offer from a big advertising media agency! I am so so soooo relieved. The account I will be working on is great, and I really like all of the team members I have met during my interviews.

My celebration was cut short when I realized that I still need to find a place to live. This summer, I plan on subletting for a few months. I want to live in NYC for a little before deciding where I want to permanently reside (well reside for 1 year, at least). I also have some friends who I want to live with, and their jobs aren't starting until September. Well, one of their jobs isn't starting until September, the other needs to figure out what she is doing, but I will put enough pressure on her so she will figure it out by then.

So, I have officially started the Craigslist room search escapade. It sounds extremely sketchy (I did watch that movie The Craigslist Killer when it was on TV - oh my goodness how terrifying!) but I have a friend who did it and loves the roommates she found on it! Plus, with advertising's salary being so low, I figure I should give it a shot.

Hopefully, I will officially be in NYC during Memorial Day weekend! Until then, I must apartment-search my eyes out until I find a place that's just right.

Catch ya on the flip-side,


Sunday, May 5, 2013

First post

I've been thinking about doing this for a few months now, and with a final paper to finish up that is due tomorrow, I think that now would be the best time to start. And procrastinate. This blog is going to document my first year of post-grad life. I am going into advertising in NYC. Yes, I do realize that with an incredibly low salary and the high cost of living there, it is going to be a struggle. But I've dreamt (spell check says that's not a word, but I'm pretty sure it's lying right now) about moving to New York my whole life, and I've wanted to go into advertising for over 7 years. When I set my mind out to do something, it is going to happen. You can quote me on that. Well, actually, it will be already quoted since I just wrote it and this is my blog.

Yea, so I am not sure who all is going to read this. It's really just so I can remember my first year out of school. I'll look at this blog later in my life and look back on how much fun I had/how naive I was. This entire time, I am going to try to remain anonymous. My sign-off name is not my own, the names in the stories I tell will be changed, places will be made up, etc etc etc. We will see how that goes, I may have to re-evaluate if all the entries start becoming incredibly vanilla and boring. My worst fear is being boring so that absolutely CANNOT happen with this blog! I am not telling any of my friends about this, not listing it on any of my social media sites, and when I put a picture for my icon (yes I still have to do that) I am going to make it blurry. Apologies in advance if the photo ends up just looking like a bunch of colors and you have no idea what it is supposed to be. YIKES, that will be interesting.

So that is pretty much all I have to say in this first post. I've tried blogging before but I always get too busy to continue it, so I am going to say that I will try to update this at least once a week. If I don't have at least 30 minutes to myself every week, I'd say I am doing something wrong and need to make some better lifestyle choices.

That's all for now folks, until next time!