Summer Bucket List

I've done goals for the year, but I think it is necessary to have a bucket list for my first summer in NYC. Any suggestions to this list will be MUCH appreciated. I'm sure as I get to know the city more, I'll add things, too!

  1. Take an afternoon to explore every neighborhood in Manhattan. This will be great to get familiar with the entire city, especially the places I have never been to! Haven't done this all at once but I have officially been to every neighborhood in Manhattan!

  2. Boat Cruise around Manhattan. This one should be crossed off on June 21 because my college is having a young graduate cruise on the 20th. SUPER excited for it! Done! See this post for details.

  3. Visit Roosevelt Island. I am so fascinated from that ski-lift type thing that takes people to the island. I am definitely going to ride in it this summer!

  4. Canoe on the Hudson River. Never knew this was a thing, I never did it on the Potomac when I was in DC so it's time to make up for it in New York!

  5. See someone famous. There are famous people all over New York. I've gotta see someone before the end of the summer, right? 3 at once!! Ch-ch-check it out:

  6. Meet a new guy and have a summer fling. Okay, so this one is a little cliche, but this is definitely something on my mind for the summer. Being new to a big city and starting a big girl job, I'm definitely not looking for anything serious. But hey, a girl has needs (am I right?!). And it would be nice to have a new guy in my life and NOT an immature college one! Not going to happen right now, find out why:

  7. Find a good, cheap bar and become a weekly regular there. My best friend and I decided that we need to find a bar we go to on a weekly basis. You know, make friends with the bar tenders and essentially have a place we are comfortable at aside from our apartments. This goal is a MUST!

  8. Take a day trip to Governor's Island. A 10 minute free ferry ride there and a little break from the city? Sign me up! (A big thanks to New York Cliche for this one!) Mission accomplished! Read about it here:

The list has been getting longer which is great! Now I need to get moving and actually try to cross it all off. Updates to come!

<3, Charlotte

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